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Candidates Announced for UK's Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition

This article was original published online by the Violin Channel and can be viewed here.

The Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition will be held in Birmingham, England from November 6 to 12 — with the Final Round streamed LIVE here on The Violin Channel

The 2021 Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition announced its opening-round candidates.

Open to international violists 21 years of age and younger, the first prize winner will receive £5000, an album recording with Champs Hill Records, plus a fine viola bow made by Robert Shallock at £3,500 courtesy Bishop Instruments & Bows, and accessories from Pirastro.

The 2021 opening round candidates are:

  • Vittorio Benaglia (Italy)

  • Alvaro Castello (Spain)

  • Yuxin Chen (China)

  • Jone Diamantini (Italy)

  • Edgar Francis (UK)

  • Chang Ge (China)

  • Seamus Hickey (Ireland)

  • Brian Isaacs (United States)

  • Yong-ha Jung (South Korea)

  • James Kang (United States)

  • Bill Ko (Hong Kong)

  • Dagmar Korbar (Croatia)

  • Dana Lee (Australia)

  • Yat Lee (Hong Kong)

  • Yixiu Lin (China)

  • Laura Liu (United States)

  • Zitian Lyu (China)

  • Devin Moore (United States)

  • Hanuel Park (South Korea)

  • Anuschka Pedano (Netherlands)

  • Connie Pharoah (United Kingdom)

  • Eva-Maria Radl (Austria)

  • Mikel Rollet (United States)

  • Alinka Rowe (United Kingdom)

  • Noga Shaham (Israel)

  • Joseph Skerik (United States)

  • Abigail Smith (United States)

  • Miguel Sobrinho (Portugal)

  • Marvin Stark (Germany)

  • Lynn Sue-A-Quan (Canada)

  • Nicholas Swensen (Denmark)

  • Anna Sypniewski (France)

  • Otoha Tabata (Japan)

  • Yanan Wang (China)

  • Yujie Wang (China)

  • Zhupeng Xi (China)

  • Mingyue Yu (China)

  • Yujie Zeng (China)

  • Jaren Ziegler (United Kingdom)

  • Paul Zientara (France)

The 2021 jury will comprise Thomas Riebl, Matthew Jones, and Garth Knox.

Previous first prize winners include VC Artist Timothy Ridout.

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