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28 November 2021 | German Viola Society | International Viola Society presents...

Dear International Viola Society Sections Community!

Please join us on the 28 November 2021 for our Youtube Live Broadcast coming from Germany by the German Viola Society featuring discussions and highlights about the International Hindemith Viola Competition held in mid-October in Munich.

Here is the link to our live broadcast - which only will work in real time:

28 November 2021

8:30pm Amsterdam time

9:30pm Helsinki time

7:30pm London time

2:30pm North American Eastern time

1:30pm North and South American Central Time 11:30am North American Pacific Time

3:30pm Brasilia Time

Are you “Down under”, is it night, too late, or too early in the morning or during your working hours? No worries! The videos will be posted shortly after the broadcast to our YouTube channel which you can view later.

IVS YouTube Channel:

Meanwhile, please feel free to connect to our short teaser trailer to give you a sneak peek:

These broadcasts are created for you - our worldwide viola community! Please spread the word, share with your members and Enjoy!

Karin (IVS Vice President and Broadcast Host), Jutta (IVS President), and the IVS board



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