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One of the major purposes of the International Viola Society is to promote ever-increasing standards of excellence in viola performance through the annual congresses and associated competitions.

Annual Congresses have been held since 1973 (with one exception). From 1973 to 2000, the Congresses generally alternated between Europe and North America. In 2001, the first Congress was held in the Southern Hemisphere (in New Zealand) and since then Congresses have been held in Africa, Australia, Europe and North America.

The International Viola Society (IVS) aspires to award congresses at least three years in advance. Considerations are given to bids at the IVS meetings at the annual congresses which are usually held in the April-August period. Plan on putting in a bid for an International Viola Congress (IVC) that will happen at least three years after the Congress where your bid is being presented. Bear in mind that there has been a pattern of Congresses being in North America in even-numbered years and elsewhere in odd-numbered years. Expect your bid to be considered for any of the Congresses up to six years ahead. A strong bid should have as much information as possible.

Please note: Bids can only be placed by IVS sections and not by individuals wishing to host a Congress. IVS sections (not the IVS) decide on the IVC host and venue. The IVS considers all bids from IVS sections and awards an IVC to an IVS section.

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