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The International Viola Society (the “IVS” or “the Society”) is the umbrella organization that governs and supports existing and future national and regional organized groups or “National Sections” of violists. The Society is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports activities that serve the common good for all friends of the viola.


  • Promote ever-increasing standards of excellence in viola performance through the annual congresses and associated competitions.

  • Encourage and support research in the history of the viola, its performers, teachers, makers, and composers.

  • Lobby and influence publishers to publish music and books relevant to the viola. Initiate and subsidize or underwrite the process if necessary.

  • Authorize and coordinate the annual international viola congresses. Aid and support the host section and organizers of the annual congress.

  • Support the mission of the Primrose International Viola Archive (PIVA) and facilitate the exchange and availability of materials.

  • Promote the periodic publication of an index of holdings such as the Zeyringer lexicon, Literatur für Viola.

  • Assist in the exchange of information and professional contact between friends of the viola through publication of a periodic newsletter containing information regarding viola related events, such as competitions, concerts, newly-released recordings and publications; facilitate the exchange of section newsletters and journals and the publication of an international membership roster.

  • Encourage the building of new, high quality instruments and bows through the display of these at annual congresses.

  • Encourage the development of new viola repertoire through performance on recitals at congresses and competitions, and promoting the publication of new music.

  • Encourage and promote viola events and activities in regions not represented by a member section of the IVS, and thereby promote the development of new IVS member sections.

  • Encourage viola sections in professional orchestras all over the world to organize themselves on national and international levels.

Men Volunteering


Find out more about the International Viola Society's elected Officers & Board. Our Board is comprised of diverse, professional violists from all over the world.


One of the major purposes of the IVS is to promote ever-increasing standards of excellence in viola performance through the annual congresses and associated competitions.


The International Viola Society has National sections in several countries and is encouraging the formation of more.

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