The International Viola Society has National sections in several countries and is encouraging the formation of more.
Guidelines for Forming an IVS section.

The IVS has sections as follows:

Australian and New Zealand Viola Society/
Te Hapori Whiora o Ahitereiriana me Aotearoa (New Zealand Maori)

Contact: Neil Shepherd - h.neil.shepherd

Brazilian Viola Society/Sociedade Brasileira de Viola de Arco
Contact: Carlos Aleixo dos Reis - carcen

British Viola Society
Contact: Louise Lansdown - louise.lansdown

Canadian Viola Society/ Société canadienne de l'alto
Contact: Pemi Paull - info [at]

Chinese Viola Society/ Zhong Guo Zhongtiqin Xue Hui
Contact: Wing Ho - wingho8

Dutch Viola Society
Contact: Karin Dolman - mail [at]

Finnish Viola Society/ Suomen Alttoviuluseura
Contact: Atte Kilpeläinen - atte.kilpelainen [at]

French Viola Society/ L'Association les Amis de l'Alto (The Friends of the Viola)
Contact: Isabelle Lequien - isabelle.lequien [at]

German Viola Society/ Deutsche Viola-Gesellschaft
Contact: Susanne Isaak - mail

Icelandic Viola Society / Norrænir Víolufélag
Contact: Sesselja Halldórsdóttir - sessel [at]

Italian Viola Society / Associazione Italiana della Viola
Contact: Dorotea Vismara - dorotea.vismara [at]

Nigerian Viola Society
Contact: Ogunyemi Titus Oladimeji - titusviola

Polish Viola Society/Polskie Towarzystwo Altowiolowe
Contact: Boguslawa Hubisz-Sielska - ptal

Portuguese Viola Society / Associação Portuguesa da Viola d'Arco - APVDA
Contact: Jorge Alves - alvesjmc [at]

South African Viola Society/ Suid-Afrikaanse Altviool Vereniging
Contact: Lee Smith - lee.viool

Spanish Viola Society/ Asociación española de amigos de la viola
(Spanish Association of Friends of the Viola)
Contact: Prof Luis Magín Muñiz Bascón - lumamubas35

Swiss Viola Society
Contact: Viacheslav Dinerchtein - v.dinerchtein [at]

Thailand Viola Society
Contact: Danny Keasler - hindemith28 [at]

IVS Friends

International Community Engagement Program 2010 in Laos

New York Viola Society
Contact: Ken Johnson - nyvs

Absolute Zero Viola Quartet
Contact: info

National Youth Orchestra of Iraq
Lionel Tertis Competition